About The Neighbourhood Food Hub

The Neighbourhood Food Hub (NFH) is an community-focused pilot project in that acts as a dynamic platform for food and community-based food security initiatives, organizations and local action groups to grow and amplify their impact and potential.  


A partnership between Applegrove Community Complex, Greenbelt Markets and a collective of local service providers and partners, The NFH is a model for repurposing under-utilized community facilities into neighbourhood-based food hubs to stimulate and support local food security initiatives and networks.


With core funding support provided by the City of Toronto, the project is administered by Applegrove Community Complex, a charitable organization with a 30-year history of providing community support programs in the area, and managed by community food planning not-for-profit Greenbelt Markets.



Championed by local City Councillor Paula Fletcher, the Neighbourhood Food Hub project received seed funding from the City of Toronto in 2018 for a short-term feasibility study to develop a community food hub model.


It was based on the premise that connecting local community organizations through a Partners Table with a shared vision of a local facility powering the creation of a neighbourhood-level food system, the Neighbourhood Food Hub would generate the resources necessary to rapidly transform the Glen Rhodes United Church building into an operational community food hub.


After the success of the study in January of 2021, the City of Toronto provided funds for a 5-year lease for the NFH to enter the next phase of its model development.

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Where We're Headed

The NFH envisions a future where neighbourhood-based, community-led networks thrive; networks that underpin access to fresh, nutritious food via fresh food markets and distribution centres for local farmers and act as a platform to uplift, support, and grow community-based initiatives – from services to local food and agri-businesses; to community groups and neighbourhood-based food security work – and more.


This Network is the “Food Hub”, and we believe that every neighbourhood should have one.

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